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If you’re moving to the cloud, don’t forget your IBM

You may not be aware, but there are cloud providers who will now also provide a home for your old reliable IBM Power workloads. No need to migrate off the platform, or leave it sat lonely in a corner, if you’re moving your servers to the cloud.  

Perhaps the provider you’ve already got your eye on for Windows/Linux hosting can add this in? No need to worry about security with different clouds talking to each other as all your data will remain in one place, you’ve heard that the IBM Power system is one of the most securable in the world so let’s keep it that way. Enjoy all the benefits you’d associate with cloud hosting, such as extra resiliency (not that we on the IBM Power servers normally have to worry about that!)

MNIS can support:

  • Identifying the best cloud provider for your needs.
  • Calculating the resources you'll need, no risk of overspend on redundant memory/cpu/storage!
  • User acceptance testing, be confident that your services won't be affected by the migration.
  • Migration itself, whether you need someone to handle your system save/restore or to help update users settings to point to their new home.
  • post-migration support - any queries/problems going forward can be investigated by our team.

Whether you want to go to the source and enter the IBM cloud, or use a third-party vendor, our team can assist you every step of the way.

Contact us today to see whether the cloud is the right home for you.