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Never lose that important document again!

How many times have you been asked to find an invoice / purchase order / etc and had to dig through piles of paperwork or folders on your server to try and track it down? With document management solutions you can integrate this into your existing processes.

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Take LinkIt for example from VRTech, it will allow you to use data on your existing IBMi screen to save a scanned document to the correct folder with the agreed filename. You can even use it so that on your enquiry screen you’ll then be able to view the document without having to search for it.

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If your documents already exist on the IBMi, either as spoolfiles or perhaps in the form of text files, then you should consider the Whiz-Tec suite. Not only can it index your documents so you don’t lose them, you can also look into the editor elements to improve upon your existing layout. Add your logo, reposition elements, pick a new font, maybe even add barcodes or charts to make the document stand out and easier to process. Then email/print the finished product with peace of mind that your original will be stored should you ever need to refer back to it.

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A similar solution we work with is from Cobwebb Communications. This allows you to not only store your documents in an easy to recover form, but you can also look at their document designer. Here you can import your basic prints from the IBM Power server and manipulate them into a more modern looking business document. Add your logo, formatting, reposition elements and then email/print the finished product before archiving it for easy retrieval.