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Wireless Networking Solutions

Previously, small businesses installed inexpensive wireless access points (WAPs) in conference rooms and executive offices. A wireless local area network (WLAN) was a small luxury for customer meetings and busy executives because, at the time, it only needed to support a handful of devices, and its reach was relatively small.

These days, most employees have mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, work-issued and personally owned. Devices that they would like to use at work. and don't forget about the devices your visiting customers and business partners have. With this aggressive growth of mobile computing, offering wireless access in a conference room isn't enough for most small businesses. Every employee wants, and every customer and business partner needs, to get online via a wireless network from anywhere in the office.

MNI Services are partners with two leading brands:

Both partners have similar offerings, the hardware used is the main difference in our opinion.

Meraki, historically, was aimed at the mid-market, Small Office and Home Office. After being purchased by Cisco in 2012 they began moving into the enterprise market.

Aerohive has enterprise class products that include a very rugged AP that can be used in a cold store environment.