Backups & Disaster Recovery

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Backups and Disaster Recovery

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If something goes wrong with your IT systems, it can quickly have major implications for the whole business. From a malware infection, human error (a common reason for many failures, either deliberate sabotage or accidental), software crash and natural disaster, you could lose data, stall essential business functionality, or compromise your security.  They are costly, damaging, and, like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects them. The smart companies, however, are those who prepare for the unexpected, so that when disaster strikes, recovery is swift and seamless.

You can rely on MNIS to respond quickly and calmly. Using our expertise and vast experience, we provide a suite of services to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

We install and support on-site backups and Cloud managed solutions, all designed to ensure your data is both protected and accessible.

MNIS have partnerships with several full Disaster recovery data centre providers, that provide invocation of hardware to site or at the supplier’s data centre. MNIS can design, manage, through to completing a disaster recovery test.


  1.     Write an invocation plan.
  2.     Test the invocation plan.
  3.     Document issues experienced and the fixes that need to be implemented to resolve.
  4.     Update the invocation plan. 

You did back it up, didn’t you?

We have all felt that feeling of pure panic when things fail. We can ensure that panic is followed by that warm, relieving glow of reassurance when you remember your systems are safe and fully backed up.

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