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We understand that when running a small business, the idea of having an IT company looking after your communications and IT support may feel like an extravagance…

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Many small businesses often rely on a single member of staff in the company, whether they are someone who is tech savvy on the side or their primary role. This handy individual can set up new users, look after your website, deal with day-to-day IT issues, and install generic software.
This may work well for a while but in the long term can that individual really deal with the growing needs of your organisation.  What strategies do they have in place to help you cope with the changing landscape of remote/office working.  Do they have the time, knowledge, and experience to advise on the best use of your IT in terms of productivity?   Do they have monitoring in place to avoid cyber-attacks and, if one were to occur, how to deal with it to keep sensitive and vulnerable data safe.

MNIS offer a Pay as You Go (PaYG) support service , giving you full access to the MNIS expert IT team.

This gives you the same support you can expect within SLAs at our fully managed service and gives you the peace of mind that you know the support exists if you are to need it.

PaYG is great when instant resolution via Service Desk is required, or when you need an engineer on-site, but with no long-term commitment.

PaYG service highlights

Something broken and need instant assistance?

On-site & remote IT Support

Use for both Support and Projects.

Remote support billed in 15-minute increments.

No long-term commitments

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