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Native IBMi Document Generation and Manipulation

Whiz-Tec provide a suite of IBMi (IBM Power System, AS/400, iSeries) solutions. Focusing primarily on spool file manipulation for generation of PDFs, Emails, and more.

As of 2020 MNI Services are the official UK Dealer for the suite of software packages. Contact us to discuss in detail your requirements and how we can assist you, if you'd like to hear about a real world example then we have a case study available.


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Produce formatted graphical documents on IBM from spools, integrate advanced functions such as:

  • True Type Fonts (TTF)
  • Barcodes
  • Charts
  • Images
  • and much more

Whatever format you need your document in, whether you're emailing/archiving/printing, this solution will cover you for all eventualities.

The entire package runs natively on the IBMi system, meaning every step from initial design to implementation is in a single place to avoid having to jump between systems or connect different products together.


Whiz-DOC - The most advanced document solution for IBM I. from Whiz-TEC on Vimeo.


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Whiz-SPOOL automatically indexes spools on the information that identifies them as soon as they are created, you can also create your own indexation using any data contained in the spool. This will allow you to use the many functions of the product.

Split big spools any way you want or merge several spools in any order using Whiz-SPOOL’s indexation. The combined use of these two functions will allow you to adapt your production to any existing situation and produce your documents accordingly.

Create automations executed automatically as soon as a spool is created on the system. Those automations can use any of the many product’s inner functions or execute any outside process. This function will allow you to create complex and specific processes to tailor your document production to your needs.

Create tailor made interfaces to list, display and manage your spools any way you want using Whiz-SPOOL’s indexation. Those user views are totally customizable and can call any of the product’s function or any outside process.

Whiz-DOC can directly use the indexation of Whiz-SPOOL to produce documents. This means Whiz-DOC will process the production of the documents accordingly without producing any extra spool on the system.


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Dynamically convert spools to complex hierarchically structured XML files. Extract data from your data base to integrate to your XML. With Whiz-DOC, automatically generate XML and send it by eMail alongside your document.

Convert any XML file to a formatted spool. When used with Whiz-DOC, allows to convert XML files to advanced graphical documents. When used with Whiz-XML/OUT, allows to convert a XML with a specific structure to another XML with any new structure.

Use XML files to automatically feed your database on IBM i (DB2). A single XML file can be used to feed multiple DB2 files with any structure, giving you an easy and efficient way to integrate data to your system.


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Convert text files to spools in order to integrate them into your document production processes.

With Whiz-Text, open your IBM i document production to any outside solution that produces or receives text files.