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IT procurement and installation

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MNIS are committed to providing customers with the IT hardware of the highest quality that fits their business needs and budget.  

Hardware and software procurement is a very important process but can be complicated. Having a single source for all IT purchasing needs will get you the latest technologies and software licensing required to create an effective computer and communication system, that suits your business need and budget.  

The infrastructure deployed must match the needs of the organisation and provide an on-demand backbone that is secure, reliable, flexible, and manageable.  MNI Services offer over 30 years’ specialist experience in the procurement, installation, administration, and ongoing management, particularly the IBM Power range (previously known as the IBMi, iSeries or AS/400).

MNIS help with the management of your IT procurement process, using our partnerships to source customers the best price. The process consists of the following stages:

  • Consultation - our initial consultation which will help assess your technology needs.
  • Order - we source the appropriate hardware, software and consumables ensuring that the products meet the requirements of your business.
  • Installation – your new equipment is configured in our workshop or onsite, installed and tested onsite ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our procurement provides the right solution, from a single laptop to a complete IT infrastructure. 
Below is a list of some of the hardware we source for customers:

  • Computing - servers, desktops, laptops, thin terminals, tablets, mobile devices, backup devices
  • IBM Power servers – including associated hardware such as HMC, tape drives/libraries, etc.
  • Components - consumables and cables
  • Network Hardware – switches, routers, wireless access points, power supplies, PoE
  • Storage - hard drives, NAS devices – SAN drives
  • Printers – label, laserjet, multi-function, dot matrix, whatever you need to print we can find you the right printer
  • Software and licensing – operating systems, applications, licensing, and subscriptions
  • Presentation and collaboration solutions 
  • Network Cabling

Contact us today with your requirements to see how we can assist you.