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If you are running a small or medium sized charity or not for profit organization, the idea of having an IT company looking after your communications and IT support may feel like an extravagance…

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Many organisations often rely on a tech savvy volunteer or supporter or maybe even a one person band. This handy individual can set up new users, look after your website, deal with day-to-day IT issues, and install generic software.

This may work well for a while but in the long term can that individual really deal with the growing needs of your organisation.  What strategies do they have in place to help you cope with the changing landscape of remote/office working.  Do they have the knowledge and experience to advise on the best use of your IT in terms of productivity?   Do they have monitoring in place to avoid cyber-attacks and, if one were to occur, how to deal with it to keep sensitive and vulnerable data safe.

Microsoft 365 business basic for free

 to Charities & Non-profit organisations.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft provides powerful communication tools, including email, contacts, and calendar capabilities with Exchange Online, which includes built-in spam and malware protection and online audio and video conferencing through Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.
In addition, services such as OneDrive and SharePoint Online allow co-workers and external collaborators to store information centrally – and securely – online, making it easy to work together on projects.

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IT Support Pricing

Of course, the cost comes into it – especially when you are relying on people’s generosity to support your cause. Donations from individuals and funders have to be justified when it comes to spending. But a robust and secure IT system is no longer a nice to have for the third sector. It is a must have.

Your charity or not for profit must have an efficient, robust, and secure IT network if it going to succeed in a world where so much business – including asking for donations and applying for funding – is done online.

However, we understand IT support pricing can feel like a maze. How do you compare the cost of IT support packages and with what?  There are plenty of options out there, but do you really need all that is on offer or would you prefer something more tailored to your budget and the way you work.  We are always happy to discuss your possible solutions.