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These are just a sample of feedback we've had from customers after providing them with support and services.

The quality, flexibility and support of our IT systems was a major contributing factor in our winning the Airbus contract. Without MNIS, our network may not have been able to support us. Thanks to the changes made to our network, AMS are ready to face the future, safe in the knowledge that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service and performance.

The combination of cost-saving plus the performance of our connections is impressive. What we would have spent on line rental and possible bandwidth upgrades we can now invest in the business.

- David Cinderby, National Branch Manager (All Metal Services)

MNIS have been a valued IT service provider to Pinguin foods; the wireless solution provided has met all our requirements, on time and on budget, without any fuss.

- Wayne Flint (IT Manager, Pinguin Foods)

MNI Services has been a valued service provider and consultant for the surgeries for over 10 years. They managed the relocation of the IT services and communications including voice over IP telephony to the temporary surgery and the upgrade of the refurbished surgery

- Practice manager, Bayfield Surgery.

We were lucky that MNIS called us, with their help and support we were able to secure the Microsoft offering for office. They have been exceptional in migrating all our software, email and files to the new cloud system, and have been on hand to offer tips and advice. We are a very small team, without an IT department, so having MNIS Ltd on our side has made a massive difference to the efficiency of our IT systems.

One of the things I love about MNIS is that you go to them with a problem, and they come up with a solution that not only solves the problem but is actually a better idea that moves the whole business forward.  I love these people and would recommend them to everyone working in the Charity sector.

- Julie Chaplin (Hanseatic Union)

So the work I do is pretty much dependent on two things; cameras and computers. So when one of them decides not to work, it's more than just an inconvenience.

My computer was for a reason I could not fathom, always shutting down and showing me the dreaded 'blue screen'. In only one phone call, Barry was able to localise the problem and suggest a way of fixing it. Suffice to say that after Barry's timely intervention I haven't had a problem since. He and Mick also followed up on the issue to make sure that everything was still ok.

For this reason, and because he's a thoroughly nice bloke, I can TOTALLY RECOMMEND Barry, and everyone at MNIS. He was quick, efficient and professional and exactly who you want on your team when the IT and computers don't behave like they should.

Thanks Barry.

Tim Rogers (Tim Rogers Media)