Microsoft 365

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 Microsoft 365

Whether it is just Microsoft’s desktop applications like Outlook, Excel and Word you need or Microsoft’s Exchange Online email service too, we can facilitate the deployment of a range of packages to suit your needs and budget. Microsoft offer a variety of flexible licensing options ranging from Exchange Online only plans to business applications only plans to full email and application packages.

We can arrange the migration from your existing email provider to Microsoft’s cloud solution, Exchange Online. Furthermore, we can support the roll out of Teams and One Drive to your business.

Microsoft 365’s cloud base means your files can be stored and shared using One Drive and Sharepoint, offering a flexible and dynamic working practice.

If you work in a not for profit company, including charities, it's possible you can even get free licenses for Microsoft 365 products so you don't have to worry about paying for subscriptions! Read more about this offer here.

Considering moving to 365, but concerned about backups of your emails/data? Already on the service and finding that you need failsafes for when files/emails go missing? Read more here about a solution to just these sort of problems.