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MNIS partnering with TSD to support WinTree customers

TSD-MNIS partnership logo

In October 2021 MNIS agreed a partnership with TSD to provide added value for their UK plant nursery customers.

MNIS have been providing IT support to local plant nurseries using the WinTree software for a number of years. After discussions with TSD it made sense for us to expand to assist more of their UK clientbase.

MNIS can provide expertise on WinTree topics, such as Zebra devices for use with the mobile app or Novexx printers to produce labels. We can also work with you on other IT needs or projects, providing you with the surety that your entire environment is set up to your requirements.

If you already use WinTree and need support, or just want to have a no obligation chat about your requirements, sign up for our Free IT Audit or contact us today.