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System21 support and Bespoke Development

The Client

Myer’s has a long and proud history dedicated to making comfortable beds dating back to 1876. Originally based in Vauxhall, South London, Myer’s continued to manufacture beds there until 1982. That year marked the moving of their facility to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire which is where they continue to make beds today.

The Situation

Myer’s Beds were looking to outsource their IBMi support, maintenance, and development.

Myer’s used a mix of:

  • JBA (System 21) software
  • Third party packages, both on and off the IBMi platform. Including payroll, Fax, label printing, and EDI functionality.
  • Bespoke programs and development

Thus, they needed a company that could work with all of these and ensure smooth interfacing. The chosen partner would also need to work with third parties to ensure Myers were able to meet contractual requirements.

The Solution

In 2007, after reviewing possible partners through a tendering process, they chose to work with MNIS. Utilising our friendly and professional helpdesk for their day-to-day needs. Dedicated contacts were provided to ensure Myers always knew who to turn to for discussion of their needs. Customers often tell us we are easy to talk to, with in-depth understanding of their business, whenever needed.

MNIS used our extensive experience of JBA to provide recommendations for optimal use of the modules installed. Thanks to working with clients of all sizes, in varied fields, MNIS could also recommend new solutions and best practises.

Through close working with Myer’s, we were able to ensure all data was available in easy-to-understand formats. Whether hard copy, spreadsheets, SQL and ODBC connections, or any other output form they required. This also extended to label printing, both for their stock alongside location labelling for traceability.

As an example of how our close working relationship meant Myer’s felt confident that changes would be handled quickly and professionally. Myer's wanted to look at bringing more stock in-house after previously holding it with a third party. We discussed the requirements, both for the initial on-boarding of stock and how the process would work in the future. Changes were made to documentation, while working with Myer's to make sure this didn't affect existing processes. The result of these discussions was that, after go-live, minimal time was needed for troubleshooting or additional changes.

MNIS also undertook proactive monitoring of the IBMi environment, via alerts and staff checking the system, to ensure no sudden surprises would affect Myer’s operations. For business continuity MNIS also assisted in the preparation of Disaster Recovery planning and, although thankfully it was never needed, in the case of a disaster would have provided support to get the system back up and running.

To facilitate testing and troubleshooting, MNIS created test environments locally along with at our offices. This gave reassurance that any testing would not impact on live systems, while ensuring that realistic test scenarios could be run.

For more information about how our support services could benefit your business, please call us on 01553 818520 and ask to speak to one of our specialists or see our full contact details.


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