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Document Production and Emailing on IBMi

The Challenge

One of our customers wanted to move away from using pre-printed stationary for their delivery notes. Previously the documents were being produced as basic spoolfiles on the IBMi and output onto a dot matrix printer. 

The customer wanted to move to using a laser printer, and have the document produced on plain A4 but with the same formatting.

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Document Retrieval and Submission on IBMi 


The Challenge 

One of our customers was asked, by their customer, to submit copies of documentation through an online portal: 

  • Delivery Notes 
  • Invoices 
  • Shipping Declarations 
  • Origin Documentation 

Rather than this being a manual process, taking up the time and resources of sales & admin staff, MNIS were asked to arrange an automated transmission of these documents. 

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Scanning and Document retrieval on IBMi

The Challenge 

One of our customers wanted to be able to easily scan documents, initially supplier invoices, using information available on screen in their existing 5250 application. The requirement was also that the documents would be retrievable from those same screens. 

Previously the accounts department would manually scan and file each invoice, this was both time-consuming as they had to repeat actions carried out on the IBMi system and prone to manual entry errors if a document was saved with the wrong name or in the wrong location. 

The solution would need to store the invoices as PDFs, with the correct file name and folder structure, in this example invoices should be saved using their internal reference number and folders split on the first 5 digits of the reference number. 

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Mobile Applications for IBMi

The challenge 

One of our customers wanted to move away from a paper-based receipt system in their Goods In department. This would improve efficiency as currently the paper receipts were then passed to the admin department to be keyed into the IBMi system, if they could be entered electronically in the warehouse then it means the data is available faster and less prone to transcription errors. They used an IBMi server running V5R4 software with a bespoke ERP solution but didn’t want to tie the warehouse staff to desks with terminals/PCs/laptops so the option to move around the warehouse was key. 

The immediate concern was for stock received direct from suppliers, once the solution was accepted, they hoped to also implement into transfers between sites. 


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Design and implementation of WAN

MNIS awarded the contract for the design and implementation of a WAN for one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials and services to the Aerospace and Defence Industries.
“The quality, flexibility and support of our IT systems was a major contributing factor in our winning the Airbus contract. Without MNIS, our network may not have been able to support us. Thanks to the changes made to our network, AMS are ready to face the future, safe in the knowledge that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service and performance."

- David Cinderby, National Branch Manager