Mobile Working

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Software Development & IBM iSeries/AS400 - Mobile Working

Mobile technology helps businesses develop a competitive advantage, improve sales productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

There are many parts of most business organisations which are not bound to their desks. Sales forces, service engineers, distribution services – they are all likely to spend more time out of the office than in it, but they frequently need instant access to electronic data, and to communicate by voice or data with their base.

  • Provide your sales team with mobile apps that allow them to close deals on-site
  • Quickly meet customer requests with on-demand access to contracts, inventory and more, with real-time access to your back-office ERP system.
  • Allow authorised partners and customers immediate access to their account information to place and confirm orders, check availability, prices, order status and more - from their smartphone or tablet.

We can offer a range of mobile computing solutions which can give your business a competitive edge, and allow the mobile members of your staff to function as fully as if they were in the office, with access to all the same documents and data, secure and easy to use.


Business Integration

At MNI Services, one of our key capabilities is the integration of business management software solutions with your existing applications. The aim is to make all data easily accessible from a single point, so that every function can operate at optimum efficiency, with no re-entering of data, and none of the potential human error that goes with it.

If you think of your existing applications as islands of information, our middleware expertise lies in building electronic bridges between them, seamlessly integrating data from each source into a single system - and giving your business a competitive edge of efficiency.