Automated Reporting

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Are you looking to automate your departmental reporting procedures to eradicate repetitive administration, safeguard against human errors, increase the visibility of information and improve management decision-making? By using TaskCentre and your in house reporting tool e.g. Crystal Reports or MS Reporting Services you can automate the creation and delivery of practically any business report:

  • Sales reports e.g. Sales figures by territory of account manager
  • Marketing reports e.g. click throughs on an specific email campaign
  • Financial reports e.g. aged debtors or cashflow statuses
  • Customer service reports e.g. KPI statistics on calls processed
  • Manufacturing reports e.g. waste % per product line
  • Human resources e.g. monthly attendance statistics by department
  • Customers and stakeholders e.g. monthly statements or purchase history


TaskCentre can automatically create and send your reports via email, FTP, attach the report to a CRM record or place the report on a network location.