Software Development & IBM i

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stay connected with us !

Software Development & IBM i

Benefits of using MNI Services:

  • Flexibility to handle peaks and troughs of workflow, avoiding the high costs associated with idle contracted time
  • A team with vast experience across different business sectors
  • Competitive rates
  • Quality solutions developed within an agreed budget and timescale

Business management applications, such as TaskCentre, that 'loosely couples' business applications, enabling organisations to automate virtually any employee-driven business process.

EDI and e-commerce packages open up whole new fields of business efficiency and opportunity.

We offer all these packages, and many more, along with the experience and expertise to adapt them to your specific requirements, or, indeed, to write entirely new software from scratch.

But perhaps the most powerful hardware and the most versatile software at our disposal is also the most compact. You’ll find it between the ears of our designers, programmers and technicians. Between them, they can analyse your business issues, advise on the most efficient and economical solutions, and project-manage their implementation.